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Since 1996, Novia has been trusted to bring innovative presentation, meeting, teaching and learning products to Swiss businesses and education. That trust has been built through a disciplined focus on understanding and solving customer problems, offering the best in technology products, relentlessly working to deliver integrated solutions to drive success and providing an outstanding level of service and support.Novia’s name has been synonymous with excellence and customer satisfaction with interactive whiteboards and displays, building the leading brand in education and business. Novia AG sells innovative products and solutions for schools and corporations through a certified reseller channel. Schools and corporations may evaluate the products and the solutions at Novia’s unique Evaluation Center. Novia’s portfolio includes complete classroom solutions for schools and universities, and collaboration/public displays/control and monitoring solutions for the corporate market.


NOVIA AG – Ifangstrasse 93 | 8153 Rümlang
Tel.    +41 44 817 70 30 E-Mail  info(at)


NOVIA SA  –  St-Hubert 5 | 1950 Sion
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Novia AG, Ifangstrasse 93 - 8153 Rümlang. Tel.: +41 44 817 70 30
Novia SA, ch. St-Hubert 5 - 1950 Sion. Tel.: +41 27 744 42 30