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Visual Collaboration with Solstice from Mersive

Here are 5 Things you should know about smart conference rooms.

1. Make it easy to connect
Productivity is dependent on using time effectively, so it is important that tinme-wasting barriers as cables are removed in your smart conference room. Making it easy to connect a laptop or mobile device to start sharing content on a display/projector will not only save you a lot of time, but will make for a more engaging meeting for everyone involved. The video cable is too restricting as far as inputs  and wastes precious time because it has to be passed around from persone to person.

2. Visual information is most valuable when shared on multiple screens.
Interms of a smart conference room, sharing from multiple devices simultaneously is just the beginning. Utilize all screens/projectors you have in a conference room, including all displays that are sharing content. Ideally all shared content would be visible on devices as well as on the displays/projectors.

3. Incorporate smart phones and tablets as input devices.
Utilizing the device(s) people are most comfortable with is a driving factor behind BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The problem is that most conference room systems out there do not offer the ability to use smart phones and tablets as input devices, let alone doing so securely. Allowing for the use of these devices saves time, there’s no need for on-the-spot learning of a new OS, for example.

4. Have a defined hierachy for security and access control.
We already know that engagement and productivity will increase by allowing multiple devices to share to multiple pieces of content on a display, but what about making what is shared is manageable and secure? This is vitally important as any IT Manager would tell you. Basically if any technology solution does not meet your IT security standards, chances are it won’t be deployed – no matter how cool the technology is !

5. Don’t forget the basics.
Video and audio are used frequently in meetings, so it’s worth investing in audio/video/VTC solutions that meet the needs of your smart conference room. The right solutions for a particular room can depend on a number of factors including the number of chairs in the room, the size of the room, the orientation of tables/chairs, etc. As far as content sharing, Solstice Multi-Room offers some interesting solutions for putting content on par with audio/video in the conference room.

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NUREVA™  SPAN™ Visual Collaboration System

Imagine this – a mid-sized architectural firm is exploring ways to deal with an increasing demand from clients to provide deeper insights into how users of their buildings will actually experience them. They also want to address the growing need for better collaboration with project partners who are increasingly distributed.

As always, they must elicit ideas and insights critical for value engineering and design-build projects from a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure a deep understanding of client needs. This naturally involves developing solutions to complex challenges and providing a delicate balance between the needs of the various stakeholders over the lifetime of the building.

The firm can deploy a dual Span system in meeting rooms in both of their offices to create an expansive workspace for ideas and input, with all team members using Span software on their personal devices and collaborating at the wall. Early-stage project design sessions can include all stakeholders brought together to contribute their ideas as sticky notes, pictures or sketches. Artifacts can easily be added to the canvas from virtually any source.

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NUREVA™  SPAN™ Visual Collaboration System

Imagine this, engineering students at an American university working on a project with architectural students at two universities in Europe and a construction management student in Canada. They are creating and reviewing several design options for a new library in Sweden. Their project requires the collective expertise of the team to effectively analyze and critique their designs and, over the course of a term, complete the entire building design and construction sequence. They routinely collaborate live using web conferencing and share documents through email and cloud-based storage.

The engineering school deploys a dual Span system and provides all team members with a subscription to Span software. The team begins to collaborate using a large interactive wall to visually explore design options and to engage and co-create with their remote team members while continuing to use web conferencing for the audio and video connections.

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NUREVA™  SPAN™ Visual Collaboration System

Imagine this, a postsecondary institution is considering how it can best develop 21st-century skills in its graduates. Employers are more consistently indicating that they are seeking graduates who can collaborate, communicate, solve problems and make decisions. The institution is also mindful of increased competition from online courses and the need to create
a compelling learning experience for its students.
There’s a growing interest in establishing more active learning environments where students create, collaborate and problem solve together. Instructors say they are ready to enable transformative learning and harness student creativity and the power of the vast amounts of digital information to which students have access today.

After an extensive global examination of the latest learning environments, the postsecondary institution deploys single and double Span systems in classrooms and common learning spaces across campus. Groups of students collaborate from their personal devices, contributing their thoughts and ideas as they work on a variety of projects across a number of subject areas. Students gather at the wall to discuss and refine their group’s ideas, grouping ideas and adding new thoughts as they emerge from a review of the contributions.

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ConferenceSHOT ™ AV
Enterprise-Class Conferencing System

Ideal for huddle rooms and small to medium-sized conference rooms, ConferenceSHOT AV turns your BYOD device into a small space UC system with professional PTZ camera quality and full room audio performance.

ConferenceSHOT AV integrates an HD PTZ camera and audio conferencing mixer into a single USB 3.0 device, so you can easily connect up to two microphones and an external speaker directly to the camera. It allows simple plug and play functionality with all major UCC soft clients such as Skype for Business, WebEx and Google.

• USB 3.0 media device
• HD PTZ camera with 10x optical zoom and 74° field of view
• Supports up to two high-fi delity microphones with independent AEC and gain control
• 20W loudspeaker for full-bodied audio

• Single USB connection for access to all leading US soft clients
• Plug and Play using standard drivers – no external software necessary on your PC
• Easy installation; all cables included for UC connectivity
• Product bundles available for meeting confi gurations Enterprise-Class
• Remote management, monitoring and updates via IP enabled web services
• Simultaneous 1080p/60 video streaming via IP and USB
• Configuration versatility for turn-key deployment and/or AV integration

• Remote management, monitoring and updates via IP enabled web services
• Simultaneous 1080p/60 video streaming via IP and USB
• Confi guration versatility for turn-key deployment and/or AV integration

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Do you need additional SMS-ready products to fit your needs over time ?

Just add products from:

Avocor Interactive Displays E-Series, F-Series, WCD, ALZ
Nureva Audio Conferencing System: HDL200, HDL300, Dual HDL300
Visual Collaboration: Span Workspace, Nureva Wall
Mersive Solstice Pod, Solstice Cloud, Solstice Active Learning
HoverCam Solo 8 Plus, Ultra 8, Ultra 10, Pilot X, Battery Pilot 5, Pilot 3, Flex 11 Software
Vaddio HuddleSHOT All-in-One Conferencing Camera
Jupiter PixelNet 2.0
Planar Large Format Displays: EP Series 4K, QE Series 4K, UltraRes Series 4K

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Mersive: UPDATED Solstice 5.3 Partner Bundle

Looking for a collaboration solution for the hybrid workplace? Then get to know the advanced Solstice Conference solution from Mersive!

The latest version extends the Solstice Conference experience to even more rooms and users than before. This with superior performance, broader laptop and peripheral support, an improved app, and much more.

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Breaking News! HDL300 system now certified for Microsoft® Teams Rooms

If you’re a Microsoft Teams user, we have some exciting news. The HDL300 system just became the first integrated microphone and speaker bar to be certified for large Teams Rooms. Though all our audio conferencing systems have been thoroughly tested to work with leading UC&C platforms, including Teams, the HDL300 is the first to have undergone Microsoft’s rigorous testing process to achieve official certification.

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Nureva® HDL200 named Product of the Year

Nureva Inc., an innovator in advanced audio conferencing solutions, announces that its HDL200 audio conferencing system has been named a 2020 product of the year by Systems Contractor News. The nominations and selection of winners are determined by an advisory board of integrators and consultants, based on the product’s impact on the industry and its unique ability to provide true full-room coverage in virtually any space configuration. Nureva’s HDL200 audio conferencing system provides the optimal audio environment for dispersed meetings.

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HoverCam Chosen by Zoom for Education Zoom Rooms

HoverCam is pleased to inform you Zoom selected their Solo 8+ as the preferred document camera for K12 classrooms and smaller higher-ed classrooms for up to 25 students. In particular, Zoom told them they selected Solo 8+ because they were impressed by the camera’s stability and straight forward design. And, HoverCam integrated Zoom conferencing into their software, so teachers can launch Zoom classes directly from their HoverCam, for an easier, and smoother, teaching experience.

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Nureva – Autocalibration – what’s the big deal?

Nureva audio systems offer what is an expensive service typically performed by a trained technician as an integral feature of all our products.

In audio conferencing, calibration is a process of characterizing the acoustic properties in a room and then tuning the system so that it works well within those conditions. For example, a room with a large meeting room table has different acoustic properties than one set up in a classroom configuration. In the latter, the expectation is that more people will be in the room, and they will absorb more sound than a room with fewer people.

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