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NEW – Solstice Pod Enterprise from Mersive

Novia AG is introducing the new Solstice Pod ! The solstice pod is a turnkey solution that combines enterprise-class wireless collaboration software with high-performance hardware at an unbeatable price. Like Solstice Software, the Solstice Pod offers a continuous...

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New – Avocor touch displays

Introducing the new Avocor VTF range of interactive touch screens. The first generation of interactive panel to include Windows 10 and the revolutionary new InGlass™ technology for the smoothest writing experience ever. The new generation of touch displays !...

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Demo Event – Planar 55“ Look Thru OLED Transparent Display

Come to see us at Novia EC in Rümlang  – till 2nd of June 2016: The newest generation of the revolutionary  Planar displays now exclusively at Novia AG! Make an appointment together with your clients to experience the fascinating Planar 55“ Look Thru OLED Transparent...

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NEW – the HoverCam Solo 8

The HoverCam Solo 8, first and unique document camera with Super fast USB 3 interface and 4K resolution, will quite possibly blow your mind with its amazing clarity and vibrant picture color.  In addition to viewing A3 double page documents more clearly than ever, the...

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Planar transparent OLED displays

Transparent OLED is a breakthrough transparent display technology that displays dynamic or interactive information on a transparent surface glass. This revolutionary display allows users to view what is shown on a glass video screen while still being able to see...

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