Nureva announces screen sharing in Span™ software

Groups can easily share live content from multiple applications during creative collaboration sessions

Nureva Inc., an award-winning collaboration-solutions company, announces that screen sharing is now available in Nureva™ Span software. This new feature enables groups to share multiple live screens within the same canvas, creating a dynamic collaboration space that includes all the applications, data and content essential to team processes. Users, both those in the room and those working remotely, can quickly share content from any application. Every participant has the flexibility to move, resize and pin the live windows anywhere, and screen captures from the shared applications can be added to the Span canvas.

Screen sharing in Span software is ideal for co-located or dispersed teams that need access to live content from multiple applications while they work together. It makes creative collaboration more informed, meaningful and fluid, as teams can easily pull content such as design mockups, website templates, videos, spreadsheets, charts and diagrams into dynamic discussions. Content from specialized applications can also be more easily shared with a larger team. For example, an architect who needs to share designs can simply open AutoCAD® software, start screen sharing and walk the team through several options. At the same time, other team members can add live windows to the same canvas showing a competitor website, a budget spreadsheet and a Gantt chart from the team’s project management software. All the real-time information needed for idea generation, problem solving and decision making is available in one place.

“Many of our customers need better ways to share content from specialized applications during dynamic collaboration sessions,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “Screen sharing in Span software supports how people already work, and the ability to view multiple applications in one canvas further enhances their workflows.”

Additional details
Further information about screen sharing in Span software:
– For best performance, up to four live windows are recommended for simultaneous sharing, based on typical operating
Screens can be shared from users’ laptops, other computers and Span wall software. No additional hardware connection is

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