Let’s face it, conference calls don’t get much love. Quite the opposite, often. Why? Could it be that the remote person isn’t really paying attention? A Harvard Business Review study reveals that 65% of conference callers are doing other work, 55% are making or eating food, and 47% are going to the bathroom.

For on-site people, it might be having to sit still at the table and only speak facing forward as though they were still in grade school (what if you want to work at a whiteboard or just stretch your legs while you’re talking?). Constantly being asked to repeat yourself or enunciate more clearly is also extremely tiresome.

But for remote team members, the thing they probably don’t like the most about conference calls – and actually find extremely annoying – is how they sound. In any event, this is an audio magazine so that’s what we’ll concentrate on (and leave pondering people’s on-call bathroom habits to the folks at Harvard).







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