New in Nureva Console: Easy Device Setup Tool, Analytics Export and More

June 22, 2023

Nureva is all about easy. That’s why they design plug and play audio solutions that require little time to install and maintain. And that’s also why they’re always coming up with new ways to deliver on their simplicity promise.

Case in point – the device setup tool they’ve just added to Nureva® Console. It makes it even easier to correctly install their audio systems, so you can reduce installation time and give everyone a great audio experience right away. And with another new feature, exporting your analytics data is now a one-click process, which will help you make faster data-driven decisions.

If you haven’t heard, Nureva Console is their secure, cloud-based platform that makes it simple to manage and monitor your Nureva products. It comes standard with every Nureva device, but Nureva Pro (2-year subscription included with purchase) lets you access additional features. Here’s what’s new in Nureva Console.

Device Setup Tool

Setting up an audio system – even when it’s designed to plug and play – requires a few important steps. So for the HDL310 and HDL410, they’ve created a new device setup tool to help you install your devices correctly the first time.

When you open the box and take out the connect module, you’ll see a QR code. Scan it and you’ll be taken straight to the device setup tool. First, it shows you where and how to place your microphone and speaker bars. Next, it checks your network connection, prompts a firmware update and starts an initial autocalibration sequence. And that’s it – your system is ready to go.

It’s an incredibly quick process with no software or apps to download – all you need is your phone. With the device setup tool, you’ll avoid common installation issues that lead to user complaints down the road, resulting in a better hybrid experience and fewer IT tickets.

Analytics Export

Over the past year, Nureva has been regularly adding new analytics features to Nureva Console – including SNR charts and usage data. Now Nureva made it much easier to export that data and analyze it in Microsoft® Excel or other spreadsheet tools.

With this latest update, you can download a CSV file right from Nureva’s cloud-based platform – all it takes is one click. You can then filter, analyze and share your data with others in your organization.

If you need more than a point-in-time snapshot, check out the room data API, available through the Nureva Developer Toolkit. It provides a persistent flow of data to Excel or Power BI, giving you ongoing information about exactly how your spaces are performing.

Peace of Mind Included

Did you hear the news? A 2-year subscription to Nureva Pro is now included with every Nureva device purchase. With it you get access to technical support 20 hours a day (5 days a week) and advance hardware replacement, so you can quickly resolve issues. You also unlock management features in Nureva Console, such as enhanced acoustic insights, room usage data and email alerts.

And this doesn’t have to end. It’s easy to extend your Nureva Pro subscription by 1, 2 or 3 years, giving you a total of up to 5 years of protection. With this optional extra, you get an extended warranty in addition to keeping all the other features. It’s just another way Nureva is working to make their products the easy audio choice for your hybrid spaces.

Are you a customer who hasn’t yet enrolled devices in Nureva Console? It’s easy to do – plus it’s free with every Nureva purchase. Create your account today. And to unlock all the enhanced Nureva Console features, check out Nureva Pro.


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