Nureva® audio and Logitech video: a powerful team for large spaces

July 8, 2021

But both employee satisfaction and productivity depend on the right technology. And a big part of that equation is conferencing technology that allows team members in multilocation meetings to communicate clearly and feel connected. That means high-quality audio and video.


How do you choose the right system?

With so many options to choose from, knowing which audio or video system is right for your organization can be daunting. This can be especially true for bigger spaces like training rooms and large meeting and flex rooms where things can get complicated – and costly – fast.

One thing that might give you extra confidence in a technology purchase is when leading companies come together to create complete solutions tested for interoperability. This is what happened when Nureva teamed up with Logitech through the Logitech Collaboration Program to bring clear, reliable audio and video to large spaces. Through the program, the Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing systems are combined with the Logitech Rally Camera, the Logitech Tap meeting room touch controller and the Logitech Intel® NUC Mini PC meeting room appliance.


Certified for Microsoft® Teams

Together, the products offer customers an exceptional conferencing experience with audio and video performance that is optimized for large meeting spaces. Another reason to have confidence in our collaboration is that all components are certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Simple to deploy and use

One of the strengths of the Logitech and Nureva collaboration is that both companies make it easy for you to deploy and use their systems. With Nureva, it starts with fast, easy DIY installation. You can mount each microphone and speaker bar in about 30 minutes. Continuous autocalibration means there’s no need for a technician for the initial calibration or ongoing adjustments. No matter how – or how often – you change the furniture or the style of meeting you hold, your room is ready.

With simple premium components and flexible mounting options, installing a Logitech system is a breeze. And one-touch join, convenient touch controls and wired and wireless content sharing mean meetings are hassle-free for users.

Both Logitech and Nureva both offer centralized, cloud-based device management. IT can deploy and manage systems with ease from anywhere. And each audio and video component is fully tested for interoperability and works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

Full-room coverage

Another thing both companies deliver on is full-room coverage. This means creating a situation where high-performance audio and video systems come together to help remote team members feel like they are on-site with their team members because they see and hear every nuance of every conversation, interaction and presentation.

On the audio side, Nureva brings a revolutionary innovation: Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones or individual “pickup points.” There’s always one close to each on-site team member so no matter where they move in the space or which direction they face in a meeting space, they can be heard clearly by remote team members.

On the video side, the Logitech Rally Camera employs Ultra-HD imaging, auto framing and motorized pan and tilt to deliver clear and complete video coverage so remote meeting attendees don’t miss any of the action.


More Nureva collaborations

Nureva’s participation in the Logitech Collaboration Program is part of our larger commitment to give IT and users the freedom and convenience of using the tools they like best. Our systems are compatible with leading UC&C platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex®, Lifesize® and many others. Simply connect to your in-room PC, set as the default audio device and you’re good. You can also seamlessly integrate with a range of meeting room peripherals and lecture capture platforms. See all the Nureva integrations.

We’ll give the last word to Nureva’s CEO, Nancy Knowlton: “We are thrilled to join the Logitech Collaboration Program and offer a unique solution to address the audio requirements of large meeting and learning spaces. As both companies’ products are certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms, the combination of Nureva and Logitech makes it easy for customers to enjoy the quality, hassle-free conferencing experience they demand.”

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