Avocor Launches Google Workspace Collaboration

May 20, 2022

Avocor, one of the fastest-growing global interactive display companies and a leading provider of interactive video conferencing solutions, today announces its global partnership with Google Workspace and the launch of two new all-in-one video conferencing and digital whiteboarding devices  —  the Google Meet Series One Desk 27 and Board 65 — to create meeting equity on the desktop and in shared meeting spaces. These two new touch-enabled video devices expand the Google Meet Series One hardware portfolio for millions of Google Workspace users. In response to the proliferation of video-driven communication, Avocor, with Google Workspace, is enabling more equitable meeting experiences through human-focused hardware for both personal and group applications that prioritize giving everyone an equal seat at the table.  These Series One devices give Google Workspace customers the most effective means to collaborate for every situation and space, from the desktop to the conference room.

Google Meet Series One Desk 27 by Avocor

Hybrid work requires more immersive, interactive video-enabled devices to make meetings more inclusive for both in-office and remote teammates because 94% of organizations are now more flexible as to where and when employees work (Gartner, 2021). To address the need for a more powerful personal collaboration tool at the desktop, Avocor and Google Workspace created Series One Desk 27. This 27-inch premium all-in-one touchscreen Google Meet device is also a desk monitor, laptop docking station, and digital whiteboard which integrates Google Workspace’s popular Jamboard app. Ideal for personal workstations — including home offices and as a powerful shared tool on rotating hot desks — in privacy spaces and phone booths, Series One Desk 27 offers all the key features users need to see, hear, and contribute to any meeting as if they were together in the same room. Designed with an integrated soundbar and mic array for crystal-clear video and audio with TrueVoice™, Google Workspace’s revolutionary multi-channel noise cancellation technology which detects and eliminates distracting sounds like typing and paper rustling while enhancing human voices so you are heard clearly on Desk 27—even in noisy environments. And to ensure it’s easy to use and easy to write on, Desk 27 comes with an adjustable tabletop stand and can be wall mounted.

Designed to do everything a laptop dock does, Desk 27 requires only power and Ethernet, and features a USB-C port for easy connection to a laptop, reducing cable clutter typically needed for power, video and audio. Once connected to a laptop, users can easily access all their files and apps on the Desk 27, including everything on Google Workspace. While optimized for Google Meet, Desk 27 can also run any video meeting app while leveraging the great audio and video experience with Desk 27’s touch display, digital PTZ camera, and soundbar. Getting a meeting started simply requires a single touch on the calendar, which can be either a user’s personal calendar or the room resource calendar, or simply say, “Hey Google, join the meeting.” Immersive, effortless, and approachable, Desk 27 is a game changer for meeting equity at the desktop.

Google Meet Series One Board 65 by Avocor

While Desk 27 is a personal collaboration device, Board 65 is designed to bring teams together for more efficient, equitable, and intuitive collaboration. The 65-inch Series One Board 65 can be wall-mountable in small-to-medium collaboration spaces and is ADA-compliant. It can also be placed on an optional purpose-built stand for mobility as a shared resource or for setting up spontaneous meetings anywhere. With an interactive touch display, Board 65 seamlessly connects both in-person and remote meeting attendees – enabling everyone in the room or on a call – to see, hear, and contribute to meetings, brainstorming sessions, and impromptu huddle sessions equally. Meeting participants can also quickly connect their laptops via USB-C for power, device control and instant content sharing.

Board 65 also includes features that support more efficient collaboration, including the same TrueVoice™ audio experience as Desk 27– for crystal clear sound. Board 65 also has an onboard digital PTZ camera that provides a wide field-of-view to perfectly auto-frame participants using Google Workspace’s continuous framing technology, support for voice-activated controls with “Hey Google” , and native integration with the popular Google Jamboard app for immersive interactivity and whiteboarding from the display and from remote participants. Just like Desk 27, a simple tap using a finger or the included stylus on the on-screen calendar, can instantly start Google Meet.

The Series One Desk 27 and Board 65 by Avocor feature a sleek, thoughtful design that is intuitive and easy to use, including an optically bonded screen. Both devices are tilt-optimized for a natural writing angle, with anti-fingerprint glass to offer an acutely sensitive writing experience, using fingers, palms, or the included passive stylus for immersive whiteboarding where everyone can easily see and contribute.

“Creating meeting equity for teams who are both in-person and remote has never been more important to our global customers and partners, and a shared commitment to supporting meeting equity for the more than 6 million businesses that use Google Workspace is what drove us to create a strategic partnership with Google Workspace,” said Scott Hix, CEO, Avocor. “Working together to expand the Google Meet Series One family with Desk 27 and Board 65, we’re now able to offer everyone meeting equity through shared devices for team meeting spaces and a personal device for your desktop – elevating the ability to see, hear and participate from anywhere. By leveraging the power of Google Meet, combined with the sophistication and wide range of capabilities that Avocor has in interactive collaboration hardware, we are helping customers to connect and succeed in the evolved modern workplace.”

“Google Workspace users logged more than 1 trillion video minutes in 2020 and the number of Google Meet video users continues to grow, so we are pleased to work with Avocor to bring exciting new hardware options to our customers,” said Dave Citron, director of product management for Google Meet and Meet hardware. “The best video and collaboration experiences bring together Google Meet and Meet hardware—accelerating overall productivity. We partnered with Avocor to give Google Workspace customers access to one of the best collaboration-first interactive touchscreen technologies on the market. We’re excited to introduce these new Google Meet Series One solutions with Avocor to help Google Workspace customers to get more done.”

If you have any questions about the Google Meet Series, please visit the product webpage here, or contact support@novia.ch!

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