PANA 34: The 21:9 Dream Desktop

June 28, 2022

Jupiter recently introduced the Pana 34, a 21:9 LCD desktop display that is a head-turner. Let’s review the characteristics and see why this display is a game-changer in collaboration.

First, let’s talk size. Its diagonal length of 34″ is larger than most workplace desktop displays. Secondly, the aspect ratio is 21:9, making it easy to oversee all open applications and provide efficient multitasking. The wide-angle camera, built-in speakers, and touch capabilities make it the ideal candidate for engineers, architects, developers, and multimedia artists. The capabilities are endless when interactive touch is present, especially when integrating the Pana pen.

The desktop has extensive ergonomics advantages as it is easy to adjust the Pana 34 for different use cases. You can adjust the angle and tilt of the screen a significant amount to fit whatever work scenario you may need. Additionally, the flexible stand allows you to flatten the display in horizontal mode, which creates ease of use with the Pana pen or enables you to show the screen to others when collaborating.

Let’s investigate a few examples of how a Pana 34 can be used, as depicted through my workflow.

Most people check their emails and calendars at the start of the day. Sitting behind my desk and enjoying my first cup of coffee, both my inbox and calendar are shown next to each other. This gives an excellent overview of the upcoming meetings and displays all unread emails from customers and colleagues.

Next up in my day is a meeting that requires sharing my screen and collaborating with my colleagues. I tend to work standing up for these arrangements, making the Pana 34 perfect for this scenario. With the adjustable stand, I change the display to be nearly flush with my desk, allowing me to write effortlessly with the Pana pen and annotate documents freely. When I finish the meeting, I return the display to its normal position and am ready to continue my work day.

After a long work day, it is time to relax and utilize the Pana 34 for one of its recreational capabilities: gaming. Besides being an HDR display, the Pana 34 also boasts a 165hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and supports AMD FreeSync Premium, making this a prime-time choice for a gaming desktop.

If you have any questions about Pana 34, please visit the product webpage here, or contact!

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