Microphone Mist Techonology

The patented Microphone Mist™ technology fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones, providing full room coverage, so wherever you are in the space – sitting, standing, presenting in the corner of the room – your voice will be heard because there’s always a virtual microphone nearby.

Continuous autocalibration

Change your furniture, your meeting style or your levels. Continuous autocalibration means your system is always optimized.

Intelligent sound targeting

IST identifies unwanted sounds like HVAC and simply stops targeting them up. It’s kind of amazing. And completely unique.

Active Zone Control

Define the pickup zone for your presentations so you hear more presenter and less audience. It’s like crowd control for your audio.

Position-based gain control

Unlike automatic gain control that applies gain to all sounds equally, PBGC applies gain to the desired sound source and not to ambient noises.

Echo cancellation

Nureva audio systems feature internal acoustic echo cancellation so there’s no need for an external digital signal processor.

Full duplex

Audio data is transmitted in both directions simultaneously for seamless conversations even when voices are overlapping.