The wireless solution for your classroom or office

We understand that having to deal with messy cables can be annoying and sometimes dangerous. At Novia we offer wireless solutions to eliminate this problem. We seek to increase efficiency and productivity in collaborative environments through faster transfer of information and wider access to working tools so participants can carry out their tasks without difficulty.

Wireless Content Sharing

As collaboration environments evolve and user needs are constantly changing, seamless integration is a major challenge in today’s corporate scenarios. For this reason, wireless content sharing has begun to play an important role in meeting rooms to foster genuine connections between all participants and enable people to better understand each other, making meetings more efficient and collaboration more productive.

Advantages of our wireless content sharing

High resolution sharing

Two devices that allow you to share high resolution content simultaneously on any device with other team members without cables or dongles improving user engagement and meeting productivity.

Best security practices  

From security hardening to cloud management, Solstice is designed with security and scalability in mind. User devices drive the meeting, eliminating high-contact touch points such as room consoles. Mersive’s innovative roadmap delivers new capabilities and enhancements via software updates.

Wireless for Education

Living in the digital age means that we have to adapt our conventional methods to ones that are more in line with today’s world, and this can be reflected in all areas, including academia. Learning environments directly affect the performance of students in classrooms. Whit out wireless solutions, teachers have more mobility as they can teach from anywhere in the room.

Advantages of our all-in-one Document Cameras

Embeded PC with integrated Windows 10

Our wireless solutions for eduation offer an all-in-one wireless solution equipped with Windows 10 integrated on an embedded PC or a powerful tablet computer that makle it possible to record lessons, scan documents, make annotations and much more.

4K video casting

With ultra smooth and ultra sharp 4K video casting, experiences can be shared across the room with the finest details thanks to HoverCam’s Adaptive Sensor Resolution technology and thanks to its integrated battery, teachers will be able to teach from anywhere in the classroom.