The Nialli Visual Planner works with all kinds of tech products – from personal devices to shared displays to interactive walls – so you can be as flexible as you need to be. Whether everyone’s together at the jobsite, working remotely or somewhere in between, projects can keep moving forward without compromising on teamwork. With the Nialli Visual Planner it’s easy to get data on the progress of your project, helping workers, supervisors and stakeholders see trends over time and achieve continuous improvement.

Product Key Features

Set up your plans

Nialli Visual Planner makes it easy to get started. You can create plans, add your working days and holidays to the calendar and include reasons for variance. Then just add the number of lanes you need for the project. If things change, it’s easy to add, edit or rearrange lanes anytime you need.

Use the parking lot

Don’t waste your planning sessions waiting on tasks to be written down. Nialli Visual Planner lets anyone create activity cards from a laptop, tablet or phone, at any time. You can add all the details you need, like trade or crew size. All cards get added to an accessible parking lot at the bottom of the screen.

Move cards

Once a planning session begins, anyone can drag activities from the parking lot into the correct lane and day. With a two-finger gesture, move all cards associated with an activity at once. They’ll automatically fill in the lane, skipping the tedious job of moving cards individually.

Change status

Keeping Nialli Visual Planner up to date is easy. When a task is complete, the trade foreman just twists the card to the right – a diagonal line will appear. When the supervisor confirms the task is done, one more twist creates an X to close it off. Task incomplete? Just twist to the left instead.

Show dependencies

Don’t be caught off guard by mounting delays caused by unknown dependencies. Cards that are part of the same activity are automatically connected with green lines. You can also set dependencies between independent tasks and across lanes. When anything’s at risk, lines turn red so you can spot them right away.

Plan ahead

Phase pull planning with Nialli Visual Planner lets you take milestones from your master schedule and plan 3–5 months in advance. You’ll be able to figure out the scope, sequence and duration of project activities and then easily translate that to your look ahead and weekly plans.

Generate reports

It’s easy to get data on the progress of your project, helping workers, supervisors and stakeholders see trends over time and achieve continuous improvement. Reports that can be generated include PPC (percent plan complete) and reasons for variance.

Why choose Nialli Visual Planner

Increase conversations

Get everyone talking with digital tools that make discussion and decision-making at the jobsite easier – plus allow workers and stakeholders to access plans anytime and anywhere.

Accelerate adoption

Avoid lost productivity and costly delays with software that’s easy to use from day one. Take full advantage of the Last Planner® System but add the digital efficiencies you need.

Remove constraints

Make better use of limited jobsite real estate. You can collapse and expand lanes of work as needed without losing clarity, plus it’s easy to switch between plans at any time.

Increase transparency

Keep everyone in the know from executives to superintendents to tradespeople. Whether you’re at the jobsite or head office, the details you need are always a click away.