Avocor G Series

The G-Series is the newest Avocor edge-to-edge bezel-less interactive display engineered to impress when they are on and when they are turned off. It utilizes the latest generation of Avocor Intelligent Touch wich supports palm rejection and up to 4 passive pens. Offering object recognition as well as easily switching between pen, finger and palm, the G series delivers a realistic writing experience, creating a fluid collaborative environment for all teammates.

Product Key Features

Edge-to-edge display

Spectacularly sleek, 4” thin bezel-free design. The bezel-free interactive display utilizes the latest generation of Avocor Intelligent Touch which supports palm rejection and up to 4 passive pens.


single Type-C connectivity

Reduce time spent setting up your meeting with single Type-C connectivity that connects the display to any laptop in seconds. This single cable delivers 4k video, audio and USB touch while getting Ethernet, and power instantly, and the 4K HDMI output can drive a 2nd display with ease.


The easy-to-use proprietary interface, Avocor UiQ guides you through your meetings. A customizable dynamic start screen, and touch menu that allows for remote-control-free use and over-the-air updates that enable firmware updates to be securely and efficiently deployed.


60% brighter display

60% brighter than other interactive displays, the optically bonded 500nit glass with zero parallax means every annotation and note looks exactly how you expect them to and the anti-glare glass ensure the display will shine bright and clear even in bright rooms.


Built-in Doppler proximity sensors detect movement and starts-up the display without any physical contact. The wake-on presence sensors detect people in the room, triggering the display to automatically wake when the room is occupied and to go into power-saving mode if no movement is detected.


40w crystal-clear audio experience

Three top-edge USB ports provide easy-to access guest connections and makes the addition of a camera simple for a seamless video conferencing solution. Integrated high-quality speakers provide a 40w crystal-clear audio experience, while the active microphone ensures low distortion and superior echo-cancelation.

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