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PixelNet 2.0

A better way to get visual information where you need it.

PixelNet is a revolutionary and powerful new way to capture, distribute, control, and display video and audio sources, both direct and over IP, for audiovisual applications. PixelNet 2.0 hardware adds native support for 4K video, fiber network, and audio for a scalable and ultra high definition video distribution system that can support an unlimited number of inputs and displays in multiple locations.

PixelNet 2.0 hardware increases the density of processing power, connecting more sources and displays to a single Input or Output Node, while providing centralized control to support a wide variety of installations with live audio and video, streaming data, and other real-time sources of information for control rooms, conference rooms, lobby displays, offices and classrooms. New features enable real-time HD or 4K information display to a virtually unlimited number of screens at sites spanning a room, building, a campus, or a metropoitan area.

PixelNet systems can scale to connect and distribute video across buildings, campuses, or large networks, and is ideal for the following applications:

  • Redundant control room display walls in multiple locations
  • Manufacturing and process management
  • Digital signage
  • Law enforcement and security monitoring
  • Instructional networks

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