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HDL300 system




A big idea for mid-size rooms

Designed for mid-size spaces up to 7.6 x 7.6 m, the HDL300 system provides true full-room pickup so everyone can be heard in meetings. It’s a budget-friendly, DIY package that features easy installation and continuous autocalibration.

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It’s all on the wall

The HDL300 system has the key audio conferencing system elements in an integrated wall-mounted unit. You get the audio performance you need without desktop clutter or an expensive, intrusive installation of a mic array and speakers.


Processing power

Runs at 15,000 MIPS – far exceeding the processing power in most traditional systems.



The processor drives 12 omnidirectional microphones to deploy 8,192 virtual microphones.



Two 20-watt speakers provide crisp sound for all your audio conferencing and playback needs.

Desktop omnidirectional system

Beamforming system

Microphone Mist technology

Desktop omnidirectional

Budget system with pickup limited to those seated at the conference table.






Higher-cost in-ceiling system with coverage limited to the areas within the beams.





Microphone Mist technology

Moderately priced virtual microphone system provides true full-room pickup. Even the flipchart in the corner.

Active Zone Control


Active Zone Control focuses pickup from the HDL300 and DUAL HDL300 systems on a configurable zone and provides front-of-room focus so a presenter in front of a class or audience can be heard more clearly by remote participants.

Intelligent sound targeting

HVAC and other room sounds can seriously affect audio conferencing. Groundbreaking intelligent sound targeting solves this by using adaptive learning algorithms to learn unwanted sounds and simply stop picking them up.

Plays nice with leading platforms

Here are just some of the platforms supported by Nureva audio conferencing systems: UC&C: Microsoft® Teams, Skype® for Business, Zoom, Cisco WebEx™, Google™ Hangouts™ and GoToMeeting™. Lecture capture: Panopto and Matrox®. Room-management controllers: Cisco® Codecs, StarLeaf and Dante®. Interactive display solutions: Intel Unite® and Microsoft Surface™ Hub. Plus many more!

Perfectly simple

Install the microphone and speaker bar, run a cable to the connect module and another to a computer with UC&C software and you’re ready.

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system components

What’s included

  • Integrated microphone and speaker bar
  • Connect module, white
  • Connect module mounting bracket
  • Country-specific, power cable, 6′ (2 m), black
  • AAA batteries (x2)
  • Ethernet cable, CAT6 SSTP, 50′ (15 m), Class 3 rated, black
  • USB Type A-B cable, 6′ (2 m), VW-1 rated, black
  • Infrared remote

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